vcf222 is a simple tool for transferring contacts to a Nokia 222 (and possibly other Nokia series S30+ phones). It takes a directory containing .vcf files, and generates a backup.dat file compatible with the Nokia 222.

As a Nokia contact can only contain one phone number, vcf222 will create one contact entry per phone number in the .vcf file, adding a letter to the contact name so that you can identify the numbers (work, home or cell). Here's a typical .vcf file, with three phone numbers:

By setting the suffix letters in vcf222 to whatever suites you, you will get as a result in backup.dat three entries finishing by the chosen letter:

Of course, if there is only one phone number in the .vcf, it will be transferred unchanged.

vcf222 also translates some UTF8 characters to standard ones and deals with replacing the space character by the =20 required by Nokia.

To check if your Nokia phone is compatible with this tool, generate a Backup from the Parameter menu, locate the backup.dat in the Backup folder at the root of the SD card of your Nokia 222, open it in a text editor (Notepad will be fine), and check the contents look like the backup.dat example shown above.

vcf222 will create a new backup.dat in the directory of the .vcf files. Put it back into the Backup folder at the root of the SD card of your Nokia 222, go to the Backup/restore utility in the phone, and restore the contacts. The phone will restart, and you should now have all your contacts available.

vcf222 should run on any Windows OS with .NET Framework 4.0. Unfortunately, you might have to disable your anti-virus to download the vcf222 executable.

vcf222 is free to use and share, as long as it is not sold. It comes without any warranty.

Download vcf222